Filing for unemployment.

If you have recently been laid off or terminated, you may have unemployment rights. In most states the unemployed can apply for benefits online of over the phone. The following will walk you through the steps to file for unemployment:

Get your unemployment information ready.

You can check here to determine your best way to open a claim. Requirements vary between states however below is some sample information you'll want ready:

  • Mailing address with full zip code.
  • Social Security Number.
  • Drivers license number.
  • Veteran / Military separation date.
  • Mother's maiden name.
  • Previous employers name, address, and main office phone number.
  • Employers Federal ID Number ( this can be found on your W2 or pay stub).
  • Employment start and end dates.
  • Net and gross salaries over time.

Claimant questions.

If you are filing using the web, you will be asked to create a secure username and password to access your account.

You'll be asked if you would want any taxes withheld from your unemployment checks.

You may be asked if you are owed vacation or holiday pay.

Seeing how unemployment eligibility includes being out of work with no fault on your own, you'll be asked reasons why you left your job.

Filing for benefits.

Once you have filed your first claim, you will be able to go to our account and apply for benefits. You can also check on the status of the claim. The account also holds information about when and where checks get mailed to and how much compensation is left in your account.

If your claim is denied, there are appeal processes.